Happy Earth Day everyone!

Today’s tip I decided to make it special by giving out some pointers on how to give back to the planet and our selves. Personally, I think we should all put in our part everyday and not just once a year. Thus, it is why I decided to partner with Get In Shape For Women, located in LaGrange, Illinois; a personal training environment specifically designed for women.

With warmer weather ahead of us, we can all take advantage to enjoy it and also lower our carbon footprint at the same time. Maureen Nosek, owner of Get In Shape For Women, gave me some pointers on specific workouts we can all give a try when being outdoors.

Nosek mentions the following, in regards to this:

“There are all kinds of exercises you can do outside. Go find yourself a nice park and do lunges, squats, sit ups, pushups, planks. If you are near bleachers or a bench you can do tricep dips or simple step ups. Find yourself some hills and do side or straight lunges up the hill. The possibilities are endless.”

Here are some additional tips on how we can stay green and fit all at once.

Commute as your workout. 

Two or three times a week leave the car or bus pass at home and bike to work. If you live close enough, try walking to work a few times a week. This will help lower carbon emission being put out into the atmosphere and get you in shape.

Heat up naturally. 

Even in the warmer months, temperatures drop during the evening so instead of turning up the thermostat get active! A light workout will raise your body temperature naturally and you won’t have to touch the thermostat.

Reusable water bottle.

Instead of buying water bottles, purchase one that you can reuse all the time. This helps the environment to produce less trash and less plastic to burn off. Nosek mentions how “there are all kinds available – plastic, stainless and even glass. It’s really a personal preference.”

Get In Shape For Women is offering their services from 6 a.m. – 12 noon and 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. For more information, visit their site: http://www.getinshapeforwomen.com/

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