One of the main reasons why I love the beautiful, warm weather here in Chicago is because I’m able to wear dresses. Not to mention, wear cocktail dresses to special events without freezing myself to death. With so many events forthcoming though, I find myself shopping at the last minute to a dress that I won’t wear more than twice the most.

Recently, I came across The Frock Shop; a dress rental service based in Chicago for women of all sizes! They specialize in designer dresses that are glitzy and glamorous for special events such as prom, beauty pageants, or simply a night out. Not in the Chicago area? Their online services allows you to rent a dress and have it delivered to you asap. Just last week, they had a spring preview fashion show of all the upcoming dresses they will have available. After the show, I was able to sit down with the CEO of the company, Jennifer Burrell, and asked her a few questions about her brand.

M: What inspired you to create The Frock Shop aside from the clothes in your closet?

J: A lot of it had to do with the clothes and also that I wanted to do something related to fashion. I was in Chicago and I couldn’t find any fashion jobs that mixed my business experience and my love for fashion other than retail. And retail is great and I did it for a few years but I didn’t want to do it for the rest of my life. I didn’t really see any opportunities in Chicago that I wanted to do career-wise so I just created an opportunity for myself.

M: How long has The Frock Shop been running for?

J:  For five years.

M: What makes you different from other dress rental services?

J: Well we actually like to specialize in dresses that are glitzy and glammy. We do really well during prom season because we have a lot of sequins and chunky stones and we also do well with pageant customers. My prom and pageant dresses were in my closet- I knew those dresses didn’t get used that much. That was really the driving force behind me starting this whereas other rental services like Rent the Runway, I think, started based on sorority formals. That really wasn’t my experience so I knew I wanted to do this. Also, the fact that we cater to a younger market and we actually have the dresses you see in the teen magazines. We also carry celebrity dresses; we try to carry dresses that are worn by celebrities.

M: Now are you planning on expanding aside from the dresses to shoes perhaps?

J: We are going to be adding more jewelry this year. We already have some jewelry and clutches. We’re going to start selling undergarments like strapless bras and the body-shapers. We’ll probably start selling shoes but not renting. That’s how we plan to grow product-wise this year. And just more dresses of course!

M: Do you want to stay here in Chicago or maybe open other locations elsewhere?

J: Well we are in the very early stages of franchising. This is the scoop right here. We do want to open up many more locations in urban cities.    

* * *

Aside from the prices, which range from $85 to $150, I really loved that this brand is primarily focused on the customer by attending to the wants and needs of one’s ideal dress. This is a big plus for me!

For more information, or perhaps dress needs, visit their website As for me, I know I won’t be breaking the bank this spring and summer.