If I could escape to any decade at my current age, I would definitely travel back to the 90s. Call me egocentric, only this once (haha), but I honestly think the 90’s was one of the best eras in the fashion and music industry. (And it’s also not because I was born in this year that I consider for this to be true.) You had fashion icons like Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Aniston, Bianca Lawson, Jennifer Lopez to music legends such as Nirvana, Fugees, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam and a lot more. That’s why I was thrilled to see the 90s fashion trend make a comeback in today’s wardrobe.

What are the main components for recreating your modern 90s inspired look you may ask. Two words: denim and chokers.

Denim dresses, denim jackets, denim shoes, anything denim related was what the 90s was about. For my personal style, I made my denim piece become my MAIN piece by incorporating all black elsewhere. I wanted my jean jacket to stand out, especially because of the print on the back. You can find this bold denim jacket at Forever 21 for less than $40!

Chokers are the perfect statement pieces that tie everything together for that 90s vibe. Believe it or not, chokers were originated back from the French Revolution and not the actual 90s. Young women in the Middle Ages used chokers to “protect themselves from the bubonic plague. During the French Revolution, young women attending the secret bals des victimes (or victims’ balls) wore red ribbons around their necks to mimic” as mentioned in Allure.

I love this nude choker because it’s suede and also adjustable. The one I’m wearing with this look is from Free People. Currently, they also have black and dark blue available.

To finish this look, incorporate your favorite black booties for that edgy but feminine touch.

What’s your favorite era when it comes to fashion and music? Leave your comments below. Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for stopping by.


Photographer: Anthonie Arboleda