Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with UNK NBA and Forever 21. I couldn’t be more excited to share all the details with you, especially with the NBA playoffs happening right now! Their new line consists of representing NBA teams in a sporty yet chic and feminine way. For me, it’s very difficult to find athletic clothes that fit properly or that are stylish. This is one of the reasons why I love this clothing line; they provide both.

The rise of the sporty trend look is on high demand right now. You see celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, and/or Megan Fox rocking these ensembles on a daily bases. Yet, how do we make an athletic outfit appear fashionable? Vogue created The 5 Golden Rules of Athleisure to guide us in that direction. One of the rules states that we should always accessorize properly. We can make our athleisure look go from every day gym wear to street style with one statement piece/accessory.

For my look, I decided to wear my knee-high boots, as my statement piece, to go with my UNK NBA Forever 21 jersey. As a person born and raised in Chicago, it’s clear to state that I represent the Bulls.

I love an athletic outfit because it is simple and very comfortable.  With the warm days ahead, I decided to use the jersey as a dress. I highly recommend wearing shorts and a tank top underneath your jersey if you also decide to wear it this way, because the material is sheer.

To give my jersey a more “fitted” look, I incorporated a jean jacket to go with it. If one wanted to enhance their hour glass figure, they could tie it around their waistline. I prefer not to with this jean jacket because the design it has on the back adds to the overall effect of the outfit.

What NBA jersey will you be wearing for the playoffs? 😉 Make sure to get your NBA outfit by clicking here. UNK NBA and Forever 21 also have a male clothing line as well.

Hope you enjoyed this fun look. Thank you for stopping by!

With love,



Photographer: Anthonie Arboleda