When I get asked to name a classic, fashion icon, I immediately respond “Audrey Hepburn” in a heartbeat. Although her wardrobe mainly consisted of neutral colors, it’s the way she presented herself that allowed her wardrobe to speak boldly. She created effortless ensembles but yet made them appear very elegant and feminine. Personally, that’s what attracts me to her style the most. Whether you’re going on a night out or looking to rearrange your wardrobe, Audrey Hepburn is a fashion figure who can inspire your next look.

Recently, Gina Scalpone, from Glamhairus, and I collaborated on this Audrey Hepburn modern look. Aside from being a beauty blogger, Gina is also a hair stylist and an entrepreneur to her own accessory line. I met Gina through a mutual friend’s event and she styled my hair. Gina originally asked me to recreate a look I normally wouldn’t wear. Let me tell you guys, it was a fun challenge (haha). I never pictured myself wearing this look until now.

Because of the mild weather, I decided to incorporate sheer pants instead of a typical skirt, dress or shorts. Sheer pants are my favorite during the summer to fall weather. These striped pants, in particular, are comfortable, fashionable, and thin enough so you’re not sweating in them when you’re out (haha). Although you can’t see it because the pants are high-waist, the black top is actually a crop top. Now for shoes, I wanted to keep it simple so I went with a classic pair of black pumps.

For the accessories, we noticed that Audrey was a big fan of gloves so we decided to incorporate it; this made the entire outfit look very sophisticated. Along with the gloves, Audrey was known for her black sunglasses like in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (best movie ever by the way!). To give it a modern twist, we went with white sunglasses instead. Aren’t these just fabulous? Gina carries these particular sunglasses in her accessory line. This look was meant to break my comfort zone so we broke that by incorporating a pearl necklace and a scarf together! The trick to making this work is by layering it so it’s not all clumped up.

I finished this look with a bold red lipstick and a “French twist” up-do done by Gina. These two factors really gave it that vintage vibe to the ensemble.

Huge thanks to Gina for the beautiful accessories and Anthonie for the amazing pictures. Make sure to go check them out!

Who is your classic, fashion icon? Leave your comments below. I would love to see your responses 🙂


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Photographer: Anthonie Arboleda