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A few days ago, I went to NYC and attended New York Fashion Week (NYFW). When visiting NYC, you either love it or hate it. Even though this is my second time visiting, I’m one of those who love NYC. I love my trips to NYC because of the fashion shows and the fact that I’m becoming more familiarized with the city. This season, I decided to explore the city more than my previous visit.

During my first trip to NYC, it was in the negative degrees outdoors and made it impossible to tour around. It was also difficult to check out places because I didn’t plan out my trip properly; I went with the flow. Because of my experience, I learned to plan, plan, and plan. I decided to make it a mission and make a schedule of the tourist spots and shows I needed to attend.

  • Day 1: Arrive in NYC. Meet with Michael Costello. Go to World Trade Center. Attend Show.
  • Day 2: Shop in West and East Village. Visit Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment. Attend Show 1. Attend Show 2.
  • Day 3: Walk to Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo. Meet up with friend in Soho. Go out for drinks.
  • Day 4: Eat at Sweet Chick. Catch up with NY friend. Leave back to Chicago.

Day 1 consisted of a lot of walking around the entire city so I needed to be cozy with my outfit. In case you missed it, my itinerary included to meet with Michael Costello. I’m sure most of my fashion readers know who he is but Michael Costello is a fashion designer. He is one of the best fashion designers to exist. Yes I said it. Yes I mean it. Yes he is my favorite designer. I needed to look presentable and chic but remain comfortable at the same time. Thus, I decided to wear my leather/ suede leggings, with a long white tee, denim jacket, and black slip-on sneakers.

Day 2 was my longest day out of the whole trip. Because I was unsure if I would have enough time to attend a show, I went with an edgy, street style look. I incorporated my Beatles shirt with the leather skirt and black booties. I love this leather skirt because of the spikes; it brings out my grungy side. These BCBG booties are so comfortable that I walked around the entire city with them! I recommend investing in a pair of shoes like so. My evening was more about dressing up because of the shows. I wanted a feminine vibe after my grungy look. I wore an embroidered sheer top with high-waist wide leg pants. For accessories, I keep it very minimal with my Lesa Critter Clutch from Naje Fashion.

Day 3 was another walking day. Okay every day was walking day but this was the most walking I did out of my whole trip (haha). In total, I walked 9.5 miles on this day! I definitely burned off calories. Since I stayed in East Village, Brooklyn wasn’t that far off. I should’ve worn my slip-on sneakers but I went with some black flats instead. Walking in flats can be just as painful as walking in high heels; I learned this the hard way that day. Because it was chilly, but also warm outdoors, I decided to wear some distressed jeans from Akira with a peplum blouse. Simple but edgy. I also brought along my leather jacket for those sudden wind chills.

Day 4 was my last day in NYC 🙁 Although I had a blast, I knew I would get worn out and needed to be extra cozy. I wore my favorite sweater, which feels like a blanket, black jeans, and my slip-on sneakers. I learned from the day before to choose comfort over style haha. Sunday was very chilled and decided to catch up with my friend at Mr.  Purple. If you ever visit NYC, I recommend going there during the morning time. The view from there is incredible. It makes it even better when there isn’t a crowd 😉

Thank you so much for following along this trip! I hope you enjoyed my recap ❤️

With love,