2019: A new year is among us. Can you believe how fast 2018 went by?!

To be honest, I wasn’t planning on writing a “new year” blog post because I didn’t want to reflect on 2018. 2018 was such an emotional roller coaster for me. It wasn’t the year I’d expect it to be.

2018 changed me a lot!

It taught me about the importance of self care and my health because I found out I had psoriasis. 2018 taught me that my parents are only getting older by the minute and I won’t always have them around. That was also the year my dad went to the hospital and lost his job. 2018 taught me that life is passing by whether you like it or not. 2018 taught me to empower myself and believe in my worth. I quit my job and found a better position. One that acknowledges my hard work and allows me to grow professionally.

The crazy thing about all of this is when I started evaluating my past year and writing my goals for 2019, I looked at my phone and noticed the time “11:11”. Whenever one sees a numeric sequence like 11:11 out of nowhere, it’s been said that there’s a spiritual meaning behind it. (Click here if you’re interested in reading an article that explains it more in depth.) I’m a huge believer that the universe is trying to tell me something about my 2019 goals. So here I am, putting them out there. I believe they’re reasonable goals for anyone to accomplish!

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Before I share my goals, I also want to share my phrase for the year. My friend, Amy, recently shared her experience with her word of the year and I loved the idea behind it. Sometimes, we can lose focus or get disappointed when we’re having trouble reaching our goals. Thus, my phrase for 2019 is going to “let go and let God.”

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List of 2019 goals:

Personal goals:
-Drink more water
-Workout/ get toned

Family, friends, & relationship goals:
-Remove toxic people out of my life
– Spend quality time, away from my phone, with my family

Heart & spirit goals:
– Read more books
– Connect more with God

Financial goals:
– Save money for future home

Work, career, or study goals:
– Create more content on regular basis
– Take a class to finish school asap

I hope you fulfill whatever your heart desires. It’s a new year and your chance for a new start. Write down your goal(s) and make it happen! Here’s to 2019; may we laugh together, dream together, be happy together. I love y’all <3


Photographer: Anthonie Arboleda