Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Michelle. I was born and raised in the Windy City aka Chicago. Aside from being a blogger, I’m also a student trying to finish my degree in English. I love literature as much as I love fashion so for me, being a blogger is the best of both worlds. I’m a sucker for dogs especially for mine! I like to call myself his fur-momma (ha!).

The name “The Nativestilo” actually came from a deep conversation with my best friend. At the time, my blog had a different name. I felt like my blog wasn’t going anywhere and then I was asked the million dollar question: what do you want your blog to be about. I remember saying how I wanted my blog to be a place where people can go to and find their own inner “fashionista” side, to learn who they were as individuals, to inspire, and to grow. I also wanted to become more personal with my blog by showing who I was. That’s when I decided to clash my two identities together. Being that I’m Mexican- American, I wanted to enhance my two cultures. Estilo in Spanish refers to stylenative is referred as being natural because it’s a part of you. This is where I belong, this is what I’m meant to do. Everyone has an objective in life and for me it’s helping you find your inner fashionista. This is my purpose, whether I influence one person or the world, to me it’s all significant.

My name is Michelle and I am The Nativestilo.